Latest version

Latest version is 2.1.0

Released on June 15th, 2018

What are the requirements?

Known issues

Does DiabloPatch work with version 1.09b?

No, it only works with version 1.09. This doesn't make any difference, as the only improvement of patch 1.09b is a fixed sound problem with Windows NT 4, and DiabloPatch is not compatible with Windows NT 4, and nobody uses Windows NT 4 anymore.

How does DiabloPatch work?

DiabloPatch comes with 2 files: a DLL, and a loader. The loader performs some checks and if everything is fine, runs Diablo and injects the DLL in Diablo's code, in memory (the Diablo.exe file itself is never modified).

The DLL hooks various functions of the game, and replaces them with new code. In order to be as stable as possible, the modified code is thoroughly reviewed and tested before it is released. I have a really good understanding about how this game works and I only implement a feature if I am completely sure of its impact, and the code to modify. For example, the "dupe" bug fix involves a lot of code in different places, and all of it must be fully understood in order to fix it efficiently. At the end, the fix is quite simple, and Blizzard could have fixed it in under one hour of work.

Can I go back to vanilla Diablo after installing DiabloPatch?

Yes. DiabloPatch never modifies any Diablo file on the hard drive; it only changes the code in memory. To go back to vanilla Diablo, just launch directly Diablo.exe from Diablo's folder instead of DiabloPatchLoader.exe.

When and how was DiabloPatch created?

DiabloPatch was created as a personal project, because playing Diablo on newer operating systems was complicated, and the game itself needed some improvements (everybody hates hearing a ring drop but not being able to find it). Most improvements were taken from Diablo 2.
Then, it was distributed among friends, who convinced me to release it publicly. After a bit of polishing, the domain was registered and this website created.

Does it work with battle.net?

Yes! As of version 2.0.0, full support of Battle.net is implemented.

Where can I discuss about DiabloPatch?

Go to DiabloPatch's subreddit.

Is the source code available?

No. Maybe it will at some point.